The Group Sesa started its activities in the seventies in the field of IT services to companies active in the industrial districts of Tuscany. Since the eighties, in order to support the technological evolution of the sector, the Group extended its activities to the trade of IBM personal computer, to software assistance and hardware maintenance. In 1994, on the basis of the skills developed and the success reached, the Group extended its activities to a new business area devoted to the high value-added distribution (Value added distribution or VAD) managed by the company Computer Gross, which in a short time became one of the main Italian player of high value-added IT solutions, with particular reference to IBM products (hardware and software), which were progressively joined by solutions of other international operators such as Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo , HP, Oracle, EMC, Dell. In 2009, the Group further expanded its activities in the area of business software and system integration dedicated to the provision of services on the market of solutions and services to business end users through the development of the company Var Group.