Sesa Group is a reference strategic partner and service integrator of the IT Global Vendors, leader in Italy in distribution of value-added IT solutions for enterprises, integrating sector's leading value-added brands ("IT Titans"), particularly those active in the business segments.

Thanks to the strategic partnership with the "IT Titans", focusing on the value-added business segments (Enterprise Software, Networking, Collaboration, Cloud, Security, Analytics) and the coverage of the industrial and services enterprises segment, Sesa Group has a unique strategic position, outperforming the market and growing in revenues year by year (consolidated revenues +13.8% at 30 April 2019). The Group, which reached at 30 April 2019 consolidated revenue for Eu 1,551 Mn and net profit for about Eu 33.4 Mn, operates in 3 main business areas, thanks to over 2,000 employees:

Computer Gross VAD IT Value Added Distribution: SeSa is leader in Italy through its fully owned subsidiary Computer Gross S.p.A ('CGI'), with revenues for Eu 1,301 Mn at 30 April 2019 focusing on over 13,000 software house and system integrators throughout the country
vargroup logo SSI Software and System Integration: SeSa is leader in Italy through its fully owned subsidiary Var Group S.p.A. (“Var Group”) in System Integration/VAR segment for the Enterprise sector, with revenues for over Eu 343 Mn at 30 April 2019 focusing on over 10,000 IT customers
SeSa Corporate: corporate services (Cloud Computing, Logistic, Marketing, Group’s Strategy, HR, Planning & Control, Finance, M&A, Legal, ICT & Operations) and to the ICT Channel through the parent company Sesa SpA and the subsidiaries Idea Point and ICT Logistica


SeSa Group’s trend of consolidated revenues (sales and other revenues) in Eu Mn