Welfare and social responsibility

Corporate welfare programs, Education and Training

The attention to Group’s human resources was confirmed by the presentation of the corporate welfare plan 2019-2020 aimed to increase the level of human capital’s wellness and working life quality.

The corporate welfare plan 2019-2020 is made up of a wide system of initiatives towards all Group’s employees, in order to support human resources’ income, education and wellness, further strengthening the welfare program already active for years.

In particular, the welfare plan 2019-2020 provides for:

  • strengthening of the provisions for workers’ children up to 18 years: scholarships for reimbursement of school books expenses, crèche grants, contributions for climatic colonies and summer study stays abroad;
  • support to employees’ sustainable mobility: reimbursement of public transport expenses to reach workplace;
  • support for the residential mobility towards under 35;
  • flexible benefits to integrate family spending (food expenses, fuel, trips and books, sport, culture and training);
  • scholarships for workers’ participation in degree courses or part-time university masters;
  • launch of work-life balance and human capital enhancement programs, focusing on corporate social responsibility.

The corporate welfare plan is available on a digital platform that allows Group’s employees to select benefits and services, with a wider menu compared to the previous year.